Notice of Privacy Practices

We know that medical information about you and your health is private. We do our best to protect medical information about you. The purpose of this notice is to explain to you how we protect your information and what rights you have regarding your information.

How WorkPRO Can Use Your Information:

We at WorkPRO can use and give out your information to anyone who is part of taking care of you. This includes different doctors, nurses and therapists. We can also give out your information to Medicare, Medicaid or any insurance company, or individual who may be responsible for paying for your care.

We use medical information about you to provide you services. We use your information to find ways to improve how we take care of you, to see how employees are doing their job and to see how we compare to other healthcare facilities. Some state or federal laws require us to report certain diseases, abuse or crimes. We also share information to find programs or services that might help you get better or stay better.

    You Have the Following Rights:
  • To read your records and have copies made. Request to review and receive copies should be made in writing to director/manager of the office. We will get the records to you in 30 to 60 days depending on where they are stored.
  • To ask us to correct information we have created. This request must also be made in writing and sent to the director/manager with the reason(s) that support your request.
  • To know who has seen your information if we have shared it for reasons other than to take care of you or to get paid. This request can also be made by contacting the director/manager.
  • To complain to WorkPRO if you believe we have not followed the law and the Notice of Privacy Practices.