Immigration Exams

Government regulations require that immigrants who seek a change in their immigration status have a medical examination conducted by a Civil Surgeon. A Civil Surgeon is a physician who has been certified by the United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services department(USCIS). Your personal physician cannot perform the required medical examination for immigration purposes unless that physician is a designated Civil Surgeon by the USCIS.

Those individuals receiving the examination will be required to provide proof of immunizations. This must be brought to the medical examination appointment. Our designated Civil Surgeon will tell you if additional immunizations are needed and will be able to provide them. If there are any chronic medical problems which may impact the exam, it is important to bring copies of those medical records to show that you are being treated and that your condition is controlled.

Our designated Civil Surgeon will examine you for certain physical and mental health conditions. The examination may also consist of a tuberculosis (TB) test. Applicants two years old or older will be required to have a tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray. Those aged 15 years or older will have a blood test to screen for syphilis.

Upon the conclusion of the examination, our designated Civil Surgeon will complete and sign the required Form I-693, which is a Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record.

The requirements differ for candidates who are refugees applying for permanent resident status in the United States. Unlike immigrants, refugees generally do not require a full medical examination and need to be assessed by the Civil Surgeon for vaccination requirements only. Once the applicant is determined to be a refugee applying for adjustment of status in the United States, the Civil Surgeon must review all vaccination records presented by the applicant and record the vaccination assessment results on Form I-693. Additional required vaccines must be administered.