Executive Health Physical Exams

WorkPRO can help executives improve and maintain their health by identifying health risks, detecting illness and motivating positive lifestyle changes, such as better nutrition and fitness, and managing stress.

Safeguarding your assets

WorkPRO's Executive Health Physical Examinations were created to evaluate and promote the health of your company's most valued resource—its people.

Long hours and erratic schedules can lead to stress, poor diet and a lack of regular exercise. Timely interventions can mitigate or even reverse the harmful effects of these and other health risks, such as obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar or cholesterol.

For busy executives who want healthier lifestyles, WorkPRO's Executive Health Physical Exams offer convenience, flexibility and the latest health-screening services at one convenient location.

Complete and personally tailored health examinations are conducted by Board-certified physicians and exercise physiologists.

Before your appointment, a health and fitness questionnaire will provide our Executive Health Physical team with an initial wellness profile. Your appointment for the Executive Health Physical will include a comprehensive examination that generally takes four hours. Upon completion, we will review preliminary results with you.

A detailed, confidential written report will be mailed to your home. This report will provide specific strategies for reducing or eliminating health risks, and it will provide you with recommendations for follow-up care. At your request, we will forward a copy of this report to your designated primary-care doctor.