WorkPRO….Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

WorkPRO offers a comprehensive program that provides a completely integrated approach for your organization, designed to address all of the key priorities necessary to creating and sustaining a drug-free workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services – WorkPRO offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing which complies with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, and other regulations set forth by other federal and state agencies, with testing performed by certified collectors. WorkPRO can assist companies by performing random drug and alcohol testing and we can also assist companies in writing a workplace drug policy specific to an individual company's needs. Smaller companies can choose to enroll in our drug testing consortium to join together with other companies, as a single entity, for the purpose of DOT drug and alcohol testing of its members and add their employees to a combined random testing pool.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services – WorkPRO offers licensed physician Medical Review Officers and has a network of drug testing labs located throughout the United States.

Why test for Drugs or Alcohol…..The Benefits of a Drug Testing Program

  • More than 70 percent of substance abusers hold jobs; one worker in four, ages 18 to 34, used drugs in the past year; and one worker in three knows of drug sales in the workplace.
  • Americans consume 60 percent of the world's production of illegal drugs: 23 million use marijuana at least four times a week; 18 million abuse alcohol; 6 million regularly use cocaine; and 2 million use heroin.
  • In the workplace, the problems of these substance abusers become your problems. They increase risk of accident, lower productivity, raise insurance costs, and reduce profits. They can cost you your job; they can cost you your life.

The Stats: Versus their non-substance abusing counterparts, substance abusers are:

  • Ten times more likely to miss work
  • 3.6 times more likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents
    (and 5 times more likely to injure themselves or another in the process)
  • Five times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim
  • 33% less productive
  • Responsible for health care costs that are three times as high

Operating machinery under the influence of alcohol or drugs is clearly high-risk. Danger also increases when reflexes or judgment are compromised to any degree by drugs or alcohol. Substance abusers are not only five times more likely than other workers to suffer injuries, they also account for 40 percent of all industrial fatalities.

Working at minimal capacity, these workers increase the workloads of others, lower productivity, compromise product quality, and can tarnish a company's image. Their absences and health care demands raise costs. They reduce competitiveness and profitability, weakening the companies that employ them and threatening everyone's job security.